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Our services

We always strive to provide services at the highest level, working on the principle of an individual approach to each client.

Expansion Strategy: We are making an additional contribution to the implementation of the plan to expand commercial operators at both national and international levels. In doing so, we conduct a thorough analysis of rent price dynamics and assess the location of commercial spaces (retail premises, tertiary buildings, or land plots) in each zone, which will be tailored to the needs of each expanding company.

In the logistics and industrial sector, we offer individual services and solutions for various participants in this market, such as investors or logistics operators. We conduct marketing research, provide consultations on all aspects of the project, evaluate location, and accompany clients on all stages of purchasing or renting real estate.

In this area, we focus on localizing and attracting investment opportunities "income-generating assets" to meet the needs of private investors, family offices, and investment funds.

Given the high demand for profitable assets from our investors and the demand for trading platforms from various operators, we pay special attention to creating new opportunities to meet both the expansion projects of operators and the investment needs of our clients, creating a commercial project that adapts and meets the needs of each participant.

Having a diversified base of real estate and a team of qualified professionals, we also provide a service of assistance in obtaining the Golden Visa - a visa that allows for legal residency in Spain for both the investor and their family through the purchase of real estate worth 500.000 euros or more.

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Our method of working with the divestor:

  1. Collection of data on the asset - object of divesting
  2. Its precise economic, financial, contractual, technical, and urbanistic analysis
  3. Market study with the aim of creating the best possible offer
  4. Finding of the investor and execution of the sale-purchase transaction

One of the great advantages of working with us is the strong base of operators-our partners we have in our portfolio.

We exclusively collaborate with major operators, which ensures operations with minimal risks.

Our working method with the investor:

  1. Collection of necessary data from the investor to create the investment profile.
  2. Analysis of the client's needs and interests in order to offer investment opportunities that best fit their profile.
  3. Preparation and presentation of assets in accordance with the potential investor's profile.
  4. Carrying out a thorough urban and commercial Due diligence verifying all details of the investment project.
  5. Management and advice throughout the acquisition process.

We exclusively collaborate with important operators so that our investments carry minimal risks.

Our important steps in preparing for an investment:
  1. We study and analyze the area (to effectively define the feasibility of a commercial project)
  2. We study the urbanistic and commercial possibilities offered by the property (to select the most profitable type of commercial property and/or business for the area and study the possibilities of its construction and correct functioning)
  3. We study the property itself (if the property is already built, we investigate all technical characteristics and history to confirm its good condition)
  4. We study the economic and contractual conditions of the investment (we calculate, negotiate, and prepare a complete economic plan)
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